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Our Mission: Our attempt is to bring to you the real, fact-driven information from the experts. Be it home care tips or organization hacks, we ensure that they are authentic. And wherever possible, we test them at our homes before bringing them to you. As we all are well aware that “Myths spread faster than facts”. And the internet is filled with them. Our intention is to provide product recommendations based on testing and research. We know that nothing can be more disappointing than buying online and ending up with a product that doesn’t meet your expectation. gadgetzshopee.com has been formed with the mission of helping you overcome this problem. We test and recommend small kitchen appliances and other home appliances to provide you with an accurate information of what to expect when you use them. Further, we compare different top-selling products within a category so that you can buy the one perfect for your needs. Thus, we strive to educate consumers and help them make informed decisions. We buy each and every product that we recommend. We do our reviews and best lists after testing them rigorously and using them in a regular Indian household for weeks or at times even for months. This way, you can know what to expect when you buy them! To fund the reviews, we run affiliate programs of e-tailers. This helps us earn a commission without affecting your purchase price at all. Disclaimer The website makes money through affiliate programs. Whenever you buy any product we recommend, we receive a small commission from the seller. This doesn’t affect your purchase price in any manner.  
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